Slurry pumps with agitator

Submersible pumps with agitator

Pumps equipped with agitator suitable for slurries, sludges, liquids that contains solids and sediments.
The agitator is mounted on the motor shaft extension forcibly agitates the fluid for easy and efficient transmission of sludge and slurry








Pompa z agitatorem Evak ESA5.100


Flygt HS 5000 series, heavy duty submersible pumps with agitator

Reliable and efficient slurry handling, high efficiency, wear resistant construction.

Submersible Flygt HS 5100

Max. capacity: 66 l/s (4000 l/min., 240m3/h)
Head max.: 27m
Discharge: 4", 100mm )
Motor voltage 400V, 13,5 kW


Flygt HS 5150

Max. capacity: 116 l/s (7000 l/min., 420m3/h)
Head max.: 33m
Discharge: 6", 150mm
Motor voltage 400V, 37kW