Submersible pumps

Drainage submersible pumps

We offer the rental of submersible pumps
We can propose more kind units than presented below.For specific inquiries, we suggest to contact us, and we will make selection of optimal solution for your job.


Evak EUB 5.05

1ph drainage pumps 350/min,wylot 2", 0,75Kw

EVAK EUS 5.10, AFEC FS 750

Light one phase drainage pumps.

Max. capacity:350  l/min, head: up to 15m
Motor voltage: 230V   Power: 750W
Discharge: 2"/50mm  
Available also in version with float switch.



Wynajem pomp zatapialnych - 1,5kWEvak EUS 1,5kW

Drainage submersible pumps 600 l/min, wylot 2", 1,5kW

Flygt 2610, Mody M120T, Evak 50EUS5.20

Compact dewatering pumps.

Max. capacity:500-600 l/min, head: up to 17m
Motor voltage: 400V lub  230V       Motor power:1,5kW
Discharge: 2"/50mm  
Available also with float switch for automatic work


Pompa zatapialna Mody M204

Submersible pumps 800 l/min, wylot 3", 2,2kW

Flygt 2620, Mody M204T

Efficient pumps, power 2,2kW , discharge 3"

Max. capacity:800 l/min, head: up to 21m
Motor voltage: 400V         Motor power:2,2kW
Discharge: 3"/75mm  
M204 pump because of low diameter (185mm) is suitable solution even for dewatering with the use of very narrow wells.


Pompa zamurzeniowa M502

Submersible pumps 2000 l/min, wylot 4", 3,7kW

Flygt 2630, Mody G502T

Max. capacity:2000 l/min (120m3/h), head: up to 21m
Motor voltage: 400V       Motor power:3,7kW
Discharge: 4"/110mm


Submersible drainage pumps 2400l/min, wylot 4", 5,5kW

Flygt 2640 MT

Drainage, high capacity pumps

Max. capacity:2400 l/min (144m3/h), head: up to 28m
Motor voltage: 400V       Motor power:5,5kW
Discharge: 4"/110mm

Flygt 2640 HT - high pressure version

Max. capacity:1200 l/min (72m3/h), head: up to 46 m
Motor voltage: 400V       Motor power:5,5kW
Discharge: 3"/75mm

Submersible pumps 3250 l/min, wylot 6", 10kW

Flygt 2660 MT

High capacity submersible pumps

Max. capacity:3250 l/min (195 m3/h), head: up to 36m
Motor voltage: 400V       Motor power:10kW
Discharge: 6"/150mm

Pompa zatapialna "górnicza" Flygt 2201

High head submersible pump 4000 l/min,Hmax=90m (9bar), wylot 4", 37kW

Flygt 2201 HT

Mine dewatering pumps , super high head

Max. capacity:4000 l/min (240m3/h), head: up to 90m
Motor voltage: 400V  motor power:37kW
Discharge: 4"/100mm.
Offered in rent in complete with electric control panel

Sludge pumps Flygt DS 2600 series, non clog pumps with vortex impeller for sludge, wastewater, solids handling up to 80mm

Non clog,abrasion resistant electric submersible pumps. Ideal for works where strainer of standard drainage pumps will get clogged.

Flygt DS 2620, DS 2630, DS 2640

Maximal capacities: 14-25 l/s. (50-90m3/h)
Head max: up to 9-26 m
Solids handling: 50mm, 80mm, 46mm
Motor powers: 2,2kW, 3,8 kW, 5,6 kW, Motor voltage 400V
Discharges: 75mm, 110mm

łącza strażackie





Evak ESA5.100

Pumps with agitator for abrasive slurries.

Reliable and efficient slurry handling, high efficiency, wear resistant construction.

Submersible Flygt HS 5100

Max. capacity: 66 l/s (4000 l/min., 240m3/h)
Head max.: 27m
Discharge: 4", 100mm )
Motor voltage 400V, 13,5 kW


Flygt HS 5150

Max. capacity: 116 l/s (7000 l/min., 420m3/h)
Head max.: 33m
Discharge: 6", 150mm
Motor voltage 400V, 37kW


Submersible sewage pump

Flygt N-series, non clog submersible sewage pumps

Ideal solution for pumping wastewater and sewage bypass. Pumps executed in portable version.

Flygt NS 3085

Max. capacity: 40l/s (2400 l/min., 144m3/h)
Head max.: 11m
Discharge: 3", 80mm
Motor voltage 400V, 2kW


Flygt NS 3127

Max. capacity: 70 l/s (4200 l/min., 252m3/h)
Head max.: 16m
Discharge: 4", 110mm
Motor voltage 400V, 5,9kW

Flygt NS 3153

Max. capacity: 100 l/s (6000 l/min., 360m3/h)
Head max.: 20m
Discharge: 6", 150mm 
Motor voltage 400V, 7,5kW

Flygt F 3153 SH with chopper impeller

Max. capacity: 28 l/s (1700l/min., 100m3/h)
Head max.: 39m
Discharge: 3"/4", 80/100mm 
Motor voltage 400V, 7,5kW

Flygt NS 3171

Max. capacity: 100 l/s (6000 l/min., 360m3/h)
Head max.: 20m
Discharge: 6", 150mm 
Motor voltage 400V, 7,5kW